"patriot"- one who stands ready and runs in when others are running out


Chuck Broes


Chuck Broes is a business and healthcare visionary whose career spans over 57 years in domestic and foreign markets. Chuck Broes specialized in the areas of incubation, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, corporate turnarounds, franchising and roll-ups.  Mr. Broes has served in various executive roles including Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer. Mr. Chuck Broes operates under EliteCorp International with—as he calls it—his pack and hold team of 12.

· His first serious business development was a company he started at age 17 called Carousel Dance Studios with two large facilities in Riverside and in Monterey Park, CA.  At its peak, this company counted over a thousand students a day and became profitable within four months of operation.  Chuck Broes eventually sold the company to its headteacher prior to being activated into the United States Air Force.

· After serving in the United States Air Force for four years, Mr. Broes was honorably discharged and started down a career path in national sales for AT&T and Pacific Bell Yellow Pages. He was part of the only independent operating units of this sole non-regulated part of the company which was commission driven. In his nearly four years he became one of the top sales leaders and income generators and was among the first to go through PAR personal assessment review developed by Bell Labs for AT&T.  This review was designed to evaluate future leaders by scoring and measuring them against each level of management above them. All existing management had undergone this assessment and established the PAR standard for each successive level throughout AT&Tworldwide. This comprehensive three full days of multi-texting protocols, procedures and live situation in peer to peer was utilized to provide evaluation for the next three levels of supervisors, companywide. This is similar to one’s golfing average- an individual’s PAR score determines his/her level of professionalism. Chuck Broes had one of the highest PAR levels, assuring him of a bright career with any major company.  Beginning with AT&T, his entrepreneurial DNA just kept him in his own unique career path.

· Chuck Broes’ next phase was based in Malibu, CA.  He launched the designing, planning and engineering followed by building, owning, operating and the selling of state-of-the-art health and fitness centers- all known to be first of their kind.  The final health and fitness center sold to Mr. Ray Wilson, the founder of Health Industries (Jack LaLanne European Health Spas). Subsequently, Mr. Broes teamed with Mr. Ray Wilson (who became Mr. Broes’ mentor) and was with him from the founding of European Health Spas to becoming a national chain of over one hundred locations, then going public and eventually being sold to what was then the 37th largest New York Stock Exchange company, US Industries.

· Consequently, when Mr. Wilson was selected to assume authority of a chain of fitness centers named President and First Ladies Health Spas (a public company), Chuck Broes was charged with taking over five locations in Saint Louis, MO, all of which had successful outcomes under his leadership.

· Furthermore, when Mr. Ray Wilson took over a Canadian company (Figure Magic, with over 120 locations in every province), and throughout some twenty states.  Chuck Broes assumed responsibility for over a third of the locations.  Broes was dealing with unhappy franchisees to staff issues and poor sales. This truly was one of the most successful turnarounds in the shortest amount of time. All of Mr. Ray Wilson's teams were clicking at the same time. After this successful reorganization, the company was sold to a Fortune 1000 New York stock exchange company called Roblin Industries.

· Nevada is the center stage for the next series of business transactions of Chuck Broes starting with his leadership roles within the healthcare industries:  these include pharmaceuticals, hospitals, medical centers, physicians’ groups, third party administrators... all involving the FDA, SEC, FTC and FBI as well as their state counterparts.  Chuck Broes was involved in developing eleven hi-tech and advanced preventative medical centers throughout the state of Nevada, which he then sold (while remaining as CEO) to George Hiddleston, founder and CEO of Universal Food Services, International of Seattle, WA- then the largest foodservice company in the United States. Chuck Broes remained and served as the CEO of the expanding healthcare division. At the peak of development, this company—in its eleven preventative care centers—over a thousand patients a day, seven days a week; its pharmaceutical products were in 97% of Nevada pharmacies; its clients came from all over the world. Mr. George Hiddleston sold off most of his companies in preparation for his retirement and Mr. Chuck Broes successfully completed his contracts and remained friends with Mr. George Hiddleston until his passing in Palm Desert, CA.

· Chuck Broes, during his tender and extensive involvement in Nevada business development and diversification, was contacted by Marvin Kratter (CEO and owner of the famous International Hotel, now Hilton International). Marvin Kratter also had owned the Boston Celtics and many other well-known companies. Mr. Kratter engaged Chuck Broes and his company to assist him in acquiring a small public company based in Los Angeles, CA known as Rom-Amer Pharmaceuticals that had the exclusive rights to develop and market Gerovital throughout the United States. Marvin Kratter knew that Chuck Broes knew both Dr. Ana Aslan of Romania and the founders of the public company that had acquired the exclusive licensing agreement for Gerovital for the United States. Marvin Kratter personally enjoyed successful treatments in Romania at the famous Ana Aslan Institute. Mr. Chuck Broes developed and implemented a plan to design, engineer and receive FDA and state agencies' approval to build and operate a class A pharmaceutical plant for manufacturing Gerovital products. Mr. Chuck Broes and team had successfully helped Mr. Marvin Kratter acquire controlling interest in the company, holding the national agreements with Dr. Ana Aslan. Mr. Marvin Kratter then sold his company to one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world which was a German business. Having fulfilled their contract, Mr. Broes remained friends with Mr. Marvin Kratter until his passing.

· Chuck Broes continued maintaining operations at the HQ in Nevada. His team was brought in to acquire a small public company in Los Angeles called Pink Panda, a Chinese fast-food franchise chain. The company owned two successful locations. The two main partners could not get along and each had previously owned one location. Chuck Broes bought out the two owners by allowing them to take back their own locations. This left a public shell with some small funds and no debts. Chuck Broes changed its name from Pink Panda and reverse-merged it into an entity called Wellcorp which was later acquired by Primark Corporation, a Fortune 1000 company that had moved from Spark, NV, to Westlake Village, CA. Its original business was developing Wellcorp which became Wellmark- the nation’s first electronic healthcare information exchange between all healthcare partners.  Wellcorp was nationwide with thousands of clients on all gateways. Each of the major network partners was assigned a gateway. There are five gateways:  for employers, patients/consumers, all Healthcare Providers, insurance companies/payors/TPAs and for the government. This company has been built with established clients and, in its history, has endured many mergers and spin-offs; to date, it is believed that the company is still in business in some form today after 30 years. And yet the problem remains unsolved. 

· More recently, Chuck Broes resumed with his pack and hold team of 12 now known as VitalTrust Corporationto keep up with the times and served as its Chief Executive Officer. In that capacity, Chuck Broes’ business experience has included the facilitation of public companies, acquisitions, mergers, strategic alliances, IPOs and turnarounds. Associated projects for Chuck Broes have ranged from concept to development and production, including the integration of national data communication networks, facilities management, and healthcare system technologies.

· Chuck Broes has served as a member of the Ethics Committee of the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL for twenty years. In 2008, Chuck Broes turned his full attention to Quantum Immunologics, Inc., which he helped found and where he served as CEO. Chuck Broes lead Quantum Immunologics in the pursuit of research, development and implementation of new immunotherapy protocols for the treatment of cancer and had initiated clinical trials with patients with stage four breast cancer.

· Chuck Broes retired from Quantum Immunologics and for the next five years enjoyed traveling with his wonderful wife and business partner of thirty-seven years, Taina Broes.  Upon the unexpected death of his wife, Mr. Broes decided to come back out of retirement to continue a cherished project that his wife Taina was very passionate about pursuing:  Home For Patriots.  Since then, he has devoted his time to furthering his life’s work of helping people and assisting companies and organizations to achieve their missions, thus using VitalTrust Corp for this purpose.


· At 13 years of age, Chuck Broes received a major award when he graduated from Nellie N. Coffman Junior High School in Palm Springs, CA.  He was given the annual Alfred Hicks Award for being Most Popular and Most Likely to Succeed in Life and Business.

· Mr. Broes received the Man of The Year Award as the Business Most Likely to Succeed in Granada Hills, CA, given by the Exchange Club. 

· Chuck Broes received one of the most prestigious awards given by the United States Strategic Command HQ  in Omaha, NE which is made up of all military nuclear worldwide defenses.  He was one of only twenty-five VIPs in the nation and was given an exclusive three-day tour of the combined military nuclear worldwide defenses. Each guest was previously screened and given limited access to daily intelligence briefings, as well as provided the opportunity to tour at close range the stealth equipment and given a demonstration of the most advanced underwater apparatus. At each stop was a red-carpet welcome. Mr. Chuck Broes was quoted as saying “I am amazed and stunned by the other twenty-four guests I was spending three days with.” Chuck Broes was honored by AT&T and the Navy Top Gun pilots and team to be one on one with the VIP guests for a special dinner with them. The evening was topped off with world speakers and a keynote given by Dr. Henry Kissinger followed by the president of AT&T speaking about communication and the future impact on us in the United States and in the world.