"patriot"- one who stands ready and runs in when others are running out


Confidentiality and Conflicts of interest

All persons, corporations, associations, and other entities who partner with, contract with, are employed by, and otherwise support H4P in its mission must execute a confidentiality and conflicts of interest agreement in order to establish and maintain a relationship with H4P. Violation of the confidentiality and conflicts of interest agreement subjects and employee to dismissal and any other form of service provider to termination of contract. The following is the policy regarding Conflicts of Interest excepted from the H4P bylaws:

Conflicts of Interest

For the purposes of this provision, the term "interest" shall include personal interest, interest as a founder, director, officer, member, stockholder, shareholder, partner, manager, trustee, or beneficiary of any concern and having an immediate family member who holds such an interest in any concern. The term "concern" shall mean any corporation, association, trust, partnership, limited liability entity, firm, person, or other entity other than the organization H4P.

No director or officer of H4P shall be disqualified from holding any office in H4P by reason of any interest in any concern. A director or officer of H4P shall not be disqualified from dealing, either as vendor, purchaser, or otherwise, or contracting or entering into any other transaction with H4P or with any entity of which H4P is an affiliate. No transaction of H4P shall be voidable by reason of the fact that any director or officer of H4P has an interest in the concern with which such transaction is entered into, provided:

  1. The interest of such officer or director is fully disclosed to the board of directors;
  2. Such transaction is duly approved by the board of directors not so interested or connected as being in the best interests of H4P;
  3. Payments to the interested officer or director are reasonable and do not exceed fair market value; and,
  4. No interested officer or director may vote or lobby on the matter or be counted in determining the existence of a quorum at the meeting at which such transaction may be authorized.

The minutes of meetings at which such votes are taken shall record such disclosure, abstention, and rationale for approval.


Fairness and funding


All persons, corporations, associations, and other entities who partner with, contract with, are employed by, and otherwise support H4P in its mission are to be treated with the utmost respect and highest level of courtesy. All contracts entered into on behalf of H4P much demonstrate that fairness is at its essence in competitive bidding, negotiation, formation, and performance. Under no circumstances will a competitive bid be accepted or a proposed contract submitted for approval without clear and concise terms establishing that all parties made every reasonable effort to validate the fairness of the process throughout. A copy of all contracts entered into with H4P will be maintained in the H4P home office and available to any officer or board member on request.

Funding These Services

H4P programs are provided to Patriots who qualify and their families at no cost. However, H4P does operate a special recovery funds program, which recovers monies its service recipients, both Patriots and their families, would be entitled to receive from sources such as insurance, disability assistance, and other sources of assistance payments. The funds recovered are restricted in use for the benefit of the source Patriot and their family or to provide services for another Patriot and their family. Otherwise, H4P is fully supported by donors, including individuals, corporations, event sponsors, and grants.

Qualified volunteers are welcomed and desired in all aspects of H4P service. In addition to serving as grass roots organizers for the expansion of H4P into new territories throughout the United States, these self-supporting chapters of volunteers assist in marketing H4P services, raising funds, encouraging donations and participation, assisting in promoting and conducting local events, and enrolling membership to H4P through its monthly auto-pay four-stage membership program discussed below. The goal of each chapter is to provide the financial support necessary to obtain a qualified rescue canine to be trained as a Certified Service Dog to be paired with a Patriot and trained together as partners.

H4P is proud to have been selected for sponsoring by several top performers in the entertainment industry. Well-known performers have committed to sponsoring H4P by dedicating a percentage of their ticket and merchandise sales each year. In return, H4P is assisting in scheduling and arranging venues for special performances and providing volunteers as able and will be highlighted as a benefitted organization of choice. H4P has assembled several experts from the entertainment industry from among its members, donors, and volunteers to serve on an advisory board to review each proposed event and recommend them to the board for approval.

The second H4P fund-raising program is an annual membership program. It is marketed across all social media platforms and with the assistance of grass roots volunteers on the local community levels. H4P Chapters will be established initially in the geographical areas where facilities exist or are planned. Members will be recruited in order to market the work of H4P, establish a membership donation program similar to various auto-pay programs already in existence by other not-for-profit organizations, but with a significant difference. Members will be assigned to one of four levels of membership based on the amount each chooses to pay automatically each month. The lowest level of membership donors will be $5.00 per month. Each membership classification will receive certain benefits denoting H4P gratitude for consistent, abundant giving. While each chapter will develop its local membership, H4P will provide training, coaching, and mentoring to chapter organizers and members as needed.

Financial Information

H4P commenced operation on February 1, 2020, with a opening balance sheet of $20,000.00 in initial donations and no debt. All administrative research, research and development, and due diligence investigations were the founders during the preceding year. The founders of H4P include individuals who donated time, services, and funds. All founders exhibit the highest level of integrity, ethics, and sound business practices, and many will continue to serve as board members, officers, or some other leadership capacit